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Are you looking for a worldwide accommodation booking site specialising in quality inspected, self-catering, short-term holiday accommodations in Italy, France, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain ?

About Worldwide Accom

We began our travels in 1997 from Melbourne, Australia with our primary school aged daughters for a brief business venture in Bangkok, Thailand. This adventure proved too much fun to stop, so with a portable business at the time, the journey continued with stays in the Italian countryside, the South of France, New York then to Rome where we set up a permanent home so the girls could complete their education. During our travels we often found ourselves in need of short term apartment accommodation and came up against the same difficulties each time, websites that were difficult to navigate and agencies not attuned to the needs of foreign tourists.

A few friends had asked us to find apartments for them in Rome when visiting and one of those friends suggested we go into the short term apartment rental business and build ourselves a website we agreed it was the perfect business for us as we'd had so much experience as customers and were in the perfect place to begin.

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Luxury Travel: The only way to go.

In 2012 there were fewer trips and vacations taken than years previous. One reason behind this is simple: companies in the USA are not required to give their employees vacation days. However, an American company will still offer a vacation as incentive to take the job, even if many employees only take a 5th or less of the time offered. Because of this, it's important to make the very most of your precious vacation time and do things right. The best way to do this is to take a luxury vacation. One of the many philosophies of the road is, ‘It's not always the destination but the journey’. When you pack your bags and head out the door for your trip, that's when you're truly free. Whether you travel by air, land, or sea, it's important to make the most of it.

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